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How to Care for Your Spray Tan 

With proper aftercare your tan will last longer and fade more evenly.

Read through this guide to get the most from your professional spray tan. 

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After your treatment

Please wait at least the time advised by your therapist before showering. Pat dry with a towel.
Avoid tight clothing and bra straps straight after your treatment as they may affect the result. 

After your first shower keep your skin well moisturised with an oil free product. 
Saunas, steam rooms and chlorinated swimming pools, long baths and showers promote skin exfoliation and will cause your tan to fade more quickly. 
Avoid exercise straight after your spray tan as sweat can wash off the developing tan, leaving patchy results. 
Avoid getting water on your skin whilst the tan is developing. Small drips of water may be blotted dry with a towel. Do not rub your skin. 

Remember that the color you see after your appointment is the guide color & not your finished result. You will see color washing off when you first shower. This is not your tan washing off and will not affect your final result.  
Your spray tan does not contain SPF and offers no protection against sun damage. Please ensure you wear oil-free sun protection when in the sun. 

Still have questions about preparing for your treatment? 

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