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How to Prepare for Your Spray Tan 

The most important part of a successful spray tan is the preparation you do before you arrive for your treatment. 

Proper preparation will ensure a smooth, even tan that lasts as long as possible. 

Read through the guide so you know what you need to do prior to spray tanning. 

Skin Care Lotions

24-48 hours prior to your spay tan

Any shaving should be done at least 24 hours,  before your treatment.

Waxing at least 48 hours prior to treatment.

Any beauty treatments should be done prior to your tan. 
Exfoliate well the day before your tan with an oil free body scrub or an exfoliating mitt. 

Good exfoliation is the key to preparing your skin for your spray tan. 

Keep your skin well moisturised prior to your treatment, concentrating on any dry areas. 
Avoid using skin care products which contain a lot of oil or are oil based.

Oil will form a barrier to the tanning solution. 


On the day of your spray tan

Please come to your appointment with clean skin. Do not wear lotions, perfume, make-up or deodorant. If you are unable to come with product-free skin you may shower at our premises prior to the treatment. 
We provide disposable underwear for your treatment. If you prefer you may wear your own but you are advised to choose dark coloured underwear or bikini as the product may cause discolouration. 

Please come to your appointment with dry hair. Wet hair may drip onto your skin and cause an uneven result. 
Remember to bring loose clothing & slippers with you to wear after your spray tan. The first few hours are the most crucial and tight clothing may affect the results. 

Still have questions about preparing for your treatment? Contact us

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